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One thought that every one of us has always had, one desire all tech enthusiasts have always had is to hack a website. We all see hackers in movies typing some lines of codes on their computers and a terminal with lots and lots of commands scrolling at a very fast rate. All that seems cool and makes us want to do the same.

But who has the time to learn all the commands and codes to hack a website, Dealing with all the technical details of a web server and all the technologies behind the websites seems all troublesome.

Website Hack – A simple hacking tool

What if all the tedious work of hacking was done in just one click? Wouldn’t that be cool? Website Hack is another hacking tool from HackCart that simply eliminates all the gruesome work required for hacking and presents a simple yet effective interface that allows you to obtain the login and password for any website.

Whether it’s a Blogger, tumblr or a WordPress site, this futuristic hacking tool from HackCart does all the hacking for you in a matter of just a few clicks.

How does it work?

So, now that you’ve read the things the Website Hack tool can potentially do, here’s a glimpse at how it works –

  • The first screen shows you options to choose from.
  • If you wish to hack a WordPress blog, simply click on the WordPress option.
  • This will take you to the next step towards hacking the WordPress blog of your choice.
  • In your browser, go to the WordPress blog that you wish to hack, and copy the link of that blog.
  • Now, back to the Website Hack tool, in the box next to URL, enter the URL of the WordPress blog that you had copied from your browser.
  • Next, hit the HACK USERNAME AND PASSWORD button and see the hacking in action by yourself.
  • You can always keep a track of the hacking process with the progress bar right below the HACK USERNAME AND PASSWORD button.
  • Below the progress bar, you’d find two text fields for username and password. These are to give you a thumbs up when the hacking process is finished and the password and username are ready for you to be used. A message saying “Hacked!” is displayed in the two text fields after the website is hacked.
  • Also, a new button appears at the bottom of the screen. This button, Show username and password when clicked will display the username and password of the website to be hacked in the above two text fields.








Same goes with all other options on the list. Whether it’s a Blogger blog or a Tumblr blog, the hacking is quite easily done in a matter of minutes.Your IP is also secured with this hacking tool as it uses a proxy server to do the hacking.

Your IP is also secured with this hacking tool as it uses a proxy server to do the hacking.

Hacking a website does not need to be unethical. There can be many reasons for someone to hack a website. You may want to test the security of your website or check for the vulnerabilities or any other security related issue can be checked by attempting to hack the website.

Another reason why you would need a hacking tool is if you have lost the track of some old website that you had started a long time ago and now need to sort things out for that website. Such a scenario asks for hacking the website to gain access to it as in this case, there’s hardly anything you remember pertaining to the site and recovering it might seem almost an impossible task.

Hacking a Website – A Strategic Approach

There are many fake tools on the internet that you come across every day and that might just influence your perception of original and working hack tools out there. Thus, we at HackCart always give an insight to our users on how our tools work.

This website hack tool uses all the expertise of an ethical hacker and the creativity of a UI designer and blends the two in one tool that allows you to gain access to any website without the need of any technical or hacking knowledge.

It follows a strategic approach which is aimed towards creating futuristic tools that save time and human effort.

There are modules designed and developed by the best in business integrated into this tool. These modules are responsible for minimizing the time and effort required in the hacking website by giving you a simple interface where you can just enter the URL of the website and let the tool do the tedious and gruesome work and that too in just a few seconds.

All this is made possible by the hours of continuous research and development by the best ethical hackers behind this tool who bring the magic of hacking within seconds.

See it in Action

So, now that everything’s out there in a clear and precise manner, what’s stopping you from downloading this tool?

Hit download and let the hacking begin!

Note: Files will be Downloaded automatically once the payment is completed.

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